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at Hire a chef to impress Event Catering offers you, some exciting and bespoke Event Catering menus, with you being involved from the start sharing your ideas and thoughts before you book your event catering.

Handmade canapés by our chefs always make a great start to your event, combined with a lovely sparkling wine or champagne, as your guests arrive,  the wow of chilled bubbly and handmade canapés as your guests arrive, is always a fanatic start to any event, we work on these events every week 52 weeks a year, so were happy to share our advice & ideas, to ensure you have a happy and memorable event.

Our Personal Chefs believe that every event is different, so we can offer you bespoke menus, to ensure, you eat what you really want at your event or, even just a few changes to our standard menus may help you on menu choices. Our Executive Chef can meet up with you and make a list of foods you like, and then develop a selection of ideas and menus, for you to share on your special event.




Old English tea time Menu

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea has been a great tradition for many years, and is an excellent menu for any event, which is taking place mid-afternoon, and provides a light meal for your guests to enjoy, along with the varieties of teas and cakes being served.

Afternoon Tea Selection

Selection of Mini Cocktail Sandwiches

Oak Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Honey Roast Gammon & English Mustard

Cheshire Cheese &Fruit Pickle

Free Range Egg &Cress

Topside OF Beef & Horseradish

Somerset Brie & Cranberries

Chicken & Avocado

Selection of Cakes

Traditional Fruit Loaf & English Butter

Rich Fruit Scones with Cornish Cream

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Mini Selection of Muffins


Selection of Traditional English Teas

Fresh Filter 


Vip Event  the at Newman school Oldham   Food by Chef Graham & Chef Carlo 

Vip event

Vip event


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